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Assurance Plans

Take the worry out of repairs. Get protection on ALL of your services under one plan!

The Basic and Elite Customer Assurance Plans Cover inside wire and jack maintenance and repairs at one location for a low monthly fee. The plan covers our Telephone, Digital Video, and Internet services.

Some problems that develop with your phone, video and internet service are our responsibility, and some are yours. Wiring and equipment outside the home are the responsibility of MTC Communications and will be repaired at no cost to you unless you're found to be at fault for the damage (i.e. cut drop or cable). Wiring and equipment inside the home, with the exception of certain equipment which remains the property of MTC (such as set top boxes and routers) are your responsibility. Choosing one of our two Customer Assurance Plans means choosing peace of mind for an economical monthly fee.


Basic Customer Assurance Plan

$2.50/month per physical address

  • Premise and hourly charges waived for repairs of inside wiring and jacks to phone, TV and internet during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, excluding holidays) at one location
  • Customer responsible for materials

Elite Customer Assurance

$9.50/month per physical address

  • Includes Basic Customer Assurance Plan coverage
  • Covers 8am-10pm non-business hours repair, including weekends and holidays
  • Allows for 2 'free' trips per calendar year for troubles not caused by inside wiring or jacks (e.g. equipment unplugged, reprogram remote, set up wireless router, etc)
  • Phone customers may chose to have Free Voice Mail on one line (regularly $3/month)
  • *15% discount on certain customer owned equipment purchases and eligibility for various specials and drawings throughout the year

*cannot be used with any other promotions


Both plans require a term length of one year. In case of early termination, the customer is still responsible for 12 months billing.

Charges without Assurance Plans:
Premise Visit........................................$45.00
Labor-During Business Hours.............$95.00/hr.
Labor-After Business Hours..............$142.50/hr.

Labor is billed at a minimum of one hour and at 1/2 hour increments thereafter.

When making your decision, keep in mind that the minimum charge for a technician to repair wiring or equipment for which you're responsible is $140.00 during business hours and $187.50 after hours with no Assurance Plan.

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