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MTC Communications was incorporated in 1996 as a subsidiary of McDonough Telephone Cooperative. On June 12, 1996, MTC began offering competitive long distance service to the members of the cooperative. MTC operated exclusively as a long distance provider until 2004 when high speed DSL Internet was introduced. The service menu expanded again in 2005. As McDonough Telephone increased the availability of broadband to its members, MTC joined many other telecommunications providers in offering Internet protocol television or IPTV.

MTC-TV continues to grow in numbers, in features and in availability. High Definition, PVR service, Video on Demand and Pay Per View have been added as enhancements to the service. An ongoing Fiber to the Home project is bringing MTC-TV and High Speed Internet to more residents and businesses both in the McDonough Telephone service area as well as in Macomb and its outlying areas.

Fiber optic technology will give MTC customers access to the most advanced communications services available. MTC looks forward to being your provider of broadband products.



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